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Welcome to No. 6 Maison Muse!

Working as a designer for 18 years, I am extremely passionate about creating unique experiences though design. Having worked for hundreds of large and small clients all over the world, I never get bored of creating new and fresh design.

I take a personal interest in my client’s businesses and learn about what they are doing and what their market calls for. It's important for me to understand what drives them and what I can do to make their design and branding strong and what methods most accurately represent them best – all so my clients feel incredible about their look.

My interest in all things glamour began with my love for fashion and theater. I grew up in Atlanta and was a dancer while attending performing arts high school, creating set designs, costumes, and running light boards. I thought I was going to be a fashion or costume designer and went to study textiles at the Savannah College of Art and Design where I fell in love with graphic design. Even though this was over twenty years ago, I clearly remember creating beauty package sets by drawing patterns and hand coloring them – all before this was done on computers. In Savannah, I also met Gillian and she went on to start phrizbie-design. I have collaborated with Gillian for many years and have had the exciting opportunity to work with her creating branding for private label cosmetics companies.

I work with my clients to understand the company, products and services they are selling and creating and, most importantly, what the inspiration for their business is all about. I also work with clients by determining their personal interests, and also have an understanding if they are coming to me with any other previously completed creative work and how that might affect the creative direction I am responsible for producing. It is also important for me to understand the long-term growth goals of the business so that I can plan to grow the projects and the brand with them.

When I am not creating identity packages for my clients, I practice Bikram yoga, collect vintage jewelry, and love to travel and learn about history. Traveling fills my mind with the newest, most creative unique materials I can set my eyes on. If you would like to see more about my travels, I'd like to invite you to follow me on instagram at I love to discover new places and processes and return to my studio bringing that new information to my work.

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